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Your pet's lifetime care is the full responsibility of you, its owner, and at the time of death, there is the same responsibility to properly care for your pet.

Remembering the years of love and care given to your pets and the lifetime of companionship and devotion returned, we cherish their memories long after their lives have ended. It is proper that we give some thought to our pet's final arrangements.

DIRECTIONS/MAPStar Memorial Pet Crematory would like to assist you with those arrangements, through an alternative means of final disposition . . . cremation.

Facts about Cremation

We believe that the subject of cremation of a pet should be more fully explained before you make your decision. For many years, misbeliefs and misconceptions have been associated with cremation.

Cremation is simply a hastening of the natural process. This is accomplished in a clean, sanitary and modern facility utilizing intense heat and flame, thus returning the body to its original elements.

After the process is complete, the calcified bone fragments (ashes) or remains are carefully collected and sealed in a container. The cremated remains are then returned to the owner or veterinarian.


Private Cremation
(Cremated remains returned to veterinarian or client)

Communal Cremation
(Cremated remains scattered in the countryside)

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