Rowens Kennels - Brighton Illinois
Third generation and their dogs
Bob and Pat Owens, and Melissa Sykes
Pat Owens began showing dogs in 1961, and has shown seven breeds in conformation and/or obedience, earning High in Trials and a UDT.

Over the years, Rowens Kennels has bred Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs, and Newfoundlands. Pat currently shows her Newfoundland dogs in conformation, obedience, and Newfoundland Club of America draft and water rescue tests.

Rowens Kennels is a family business.

The kennel is owned and operated by Bob Owens and Pat Owens. Pat is the Director of Training for Rowens Kennels Training Center.

The Owens' daughter Melissa Sykes is the Assistant Manager and heads up the grooming services. 

Rowens Kennels is licensed with the Department of Agriculture of the State of Illinois (USDA License No IL-H3). When the American Boarding Kennel Association existed, Rowens Kennels was a Charter Member.

Rowens Kennels
2400 Owens Lane
Brighton IL 62012
Tel: 618-372-3837

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