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AFTER 28 years of breeding Newfoundlands time has forced us to no longer raise any more Newfoundland puppies. The experience has given us many beautiful puppies, wonderful friends and lots of enjoyment.

Newfoundlands are wonderful dogs that offer good temperament, beauty and devotion to their owners. The description of "Courage without Ferocity" is an appropriate one.

The high level of trainability and intelligence coupled with their water rescue instincts and love of draft, or carting work, offers owners many ways that they can interact with the Newfs for pleasure or usefulness.

 When considering a Newfoundland, please keep the following in mind:

  • The Newfoundland is a giant breed weighing around 120 to 150 pounds at maturity
  • Despite their size, Newfoundlands can be very energetic
  • Their heavy coats require frequent brushing
  • Newfoundlands can salivate excessively
  • Their love for water can be a problem
  • Newfoundlands require early training because they quickly learn to use their size to accomplish their goals

To learn more about the Newfoundland, please visit the Newfoundland Club of America.


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